Composite Tooth-Colored Fillings

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Tooth colored fillings, also known as composite fillings, or white fillings, are a plastic and glass mixture made to look like a natural tooth, used to restore teeth that are decayed. Use of them falls under the category of cosmetic dentistry, since they are intended to improve the smile of a person by changing the color of a tooth, or reshaping a tooth that is disfigured. For those who want fillings that are natural looking, tooth colored fillings are a good option.

How is The Procedure Done?

Your dentist will first have to do some prep work on the teeth involved by cleaning out the decayed material. From there, the tooth colored filling will be placed in layers. A special light will be applied to each layer. Once this process is complete, your dentist will shape the filling to match your tooth. Your dentist will then spend some time polishing to help it appear more like your natural teeth.

How Much Does it Cost?

Prices will vary depending on where you are, and who is doing the procedure, but generally white fillings will cost a bit more than silver fillings. If you have dental insurance, most plans will only pay the cost of what a conventional silver filling does. You would be responsible for paying the remaining portion.

Some insurance companies are coming around and paying for more of the cost of tooth colored fillings, so check with your insurance company before you make a final decision. Our office can provide you with whatever information you need.

What are the Advantages of Tooth Colored Fillings?

The number one advantage, and the reason why most people have the procedure done is aesthetics. Dentists today are very skilled at blending color shades to make tooth colored fillings virtually identical to the rest of your teeth. The composites used will bond to the tooth strongly and help to support the structure of the tooth. This helps prevent breakage and will insulate the tooth from extreme changes in temperature.

What are The Disadvantages of Tooth Colored Fillings?

After the procedure is complete, you may feel a bit of postoperative sensitivity. Also, if you love to drink tea, coffee, or foods that are known to stain, the color of the filling may change. This can be avoided by the dentist putting a clear plastic coating over the tooth colored filling.

If the tooth colored filling was put in a tooth with a rather large cavity, it may wear out sooner than a silver, conventional filling. In smaller cavities, they tend to last about as long. As mentioned before, tooth colored fillings can cost up to two times more than silver, or conventional amalgam fillings, and they may or may not be covered by your dental insurance.

Once the tooth colored filling is in, you will need to care for it just as you would your other teeth. You still need to brush two times a day, and floss every day. Just because it is a filling does not mean that it is any less susceptible to gum disease, so you still need to floss around your tooth colored fillings to ensure food particles do not collect and cause problems.

You may want to be careful in the first few days after a tooth colored filling is placed, and stay away from really hard and sticky foods. Give it a few days at least before you indulge in those and make sure the filling is completely cured and bonded to your tooth.

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