Dental Bridges

Crowns and Bridges

If you have previously lost a tooth or need to have a tooth extracted, Dr. Foroutan offers many different cosmetic treatments to replace one or more missing teeth. For many patients, a custom dental bridge is an ideal solution to replace multiple missing teeth in a row. A bridge uses the teeth on either side of the space to anchor prosthetic teeth in place. A bridge can be cosmetic, restorative, or both, as it is carefully crafted in size, shape and color to suit your unique smile.

At Newport Beach Dentistry, we offer top quality bridges so that patients can achieve a beautiful smile after missing teeth. We value the importance of providing restorative solutions that not only look natural, but that also provide functional comfort. We ensure that each patient feels confident in his or her bridge while chewing, speaking and smiling.

From the moment you walk in our doors, you will discover our commitment to provide state-of-the-art dentistry with respect to your comfort and convenience. By using advanced dental technology and adopting the latest techniques, we are able to provide faster procedures, more accurate results and improved patient comfort. Whether you’ve lost one tooth or multiple teeth, we can help you regain the smile you deserve.

The importance of replacing missing teeth goes beyond aesthetics. Neglecting to replace missing teeth can cause the adjacent teeth to shift out of position. This creates bite misalignment and can increase your risk for decay and gum disease if cleaning becomes a challenge. In addition, missing teeth lead to bone loss and premature facial aging if not addressed properly. Our Newport dentists are proud to offer a full menu of tooth replacement options, including dental bridges, dental implants and dentures. For the most long-term confidence, patients can choose to secure their dental bridge with dental implants.

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