Is It Worth It To Get Dental Insurance?

Is it worth it to get dental insurance? This is a question our front office manager receives every day. The short answer is probably not. What most people don’t know is that even with the increasing cost of dental insurance premiums, their yearly maximums and allowances don’t go up. Traditional dental insurance can become expensive and they dictate what treatments they will cover, which is usually the cheaper, non-esthetic silver and metal options.

There are several limitations with traditional dental insurance which may include:

  • Low yearly maximums (some as low as $1000/year)
  • Allowing only for metal dental fillings and dental crowns on your back teeth as opposed to natural, tooth-colored fillings and dental crowns
  • Covering only a portion of major dental work including dental crowns (many insurances only cover 50%)
  • Not covering any cosmetic dentistry work or dental implants

Make sure to take a look at your specific dental insurance plan. It is very important to know what is or is not covered so there are no surprises when you need dental care. Below is a checklist of some items you will want to look for:

✓ Look up your yearly maximum
✓ Check to see how much your deductible is
✓ See if your plan covers esthetic, tooth-colored fillings and crowns on ALL teeth
✓ Find out what percentage of preventive (dental cleanings), minor (dental fillings), and major (dental crowns) dental work your insurance covers
✓ See if there is a “missing tooth” clause (this means your insurance will not replace any missing teeth prior to you having insurance)

If you ever have any questions regarding your plan, make sure to ask your dental office so they can clear everything up for you!

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