The Top 5 Foods and Beverages That Will Stain Your Teeth

There are various factors that can cause your teeth to become stained. The first factor is color. Food and beverages that contain intense colors can cause your teeth to stain. The color comes from chromogens, which are colored molecules. These chromogens will attach to the enamel (outer) layer of your tooth and lead to staining. Another factor is acidity. Food and beverages that are acidic can promote staining by eroding the enamel (or outer layer) of your teeth. This will cause them to appear yellow and translucent.

In order to keep your teeth bright and white, here are the Top 5 foods and beverages you should avoid:

  • Wine – Red wine discolors your teeth because it is acidic and it contains chromogens and tannins. The acid in wine will erode your enamel, which will soften your teeth and allow the colored molecules in wine to attach to your enamel. It has also been shown that white wine can lead to staining as well to due to its acidic properties.
  • Coffee and Tea – Just like wine, black teas and coffee are rich in chromogens and tannins, which can lead to staining. It has been shown that green, herbal, and white teas are much less likely to cause staining.
  • Soda – Not only does soda contain chromogens, but it is very acidic. Even clear colored sodas, like Sprite, can cause staining due to its acidic nature.
  • Berries – Although berries are nutritious, they will promote staining due to their intense color.
  • Sports drinks – Certain sports drinks are very acidic and can cause erosion which can lead to staining.

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