Top Five Worst Halloween Candy for your Teeth

Halloween is almost here! Whether you are planning on buying candy for the trick-or-treaters, or going yourself, here are the top five candies you should avoid this Halloween.

5. Milky Way – The chocolate in a Milky Way contains a lot of sugar but the major cavity-causing culprit is the caramel filling, which will get stuck in between your teeth and can cause cavities to form.

4. Jawbreakers – Jawbreakers are terrible for your teeth for two reasons. First, because they are as hard as a rock, they can cause you to crack and chip your teeth. Secondly, they take a long time to dissolve. This creates an acidic environment in your mouth which increases your risk of getting cavities.

3. Butterfinger – Just like a Milky Way, these candy bars contain a lot of sugar; however, the difference is in the peanut butter and sugar substance that makes up the center of the Butterfinger. As anyone who has eaten a Butterfinger knows, it is extremely difficult to get that sticky material out of the grooves in your back molar teeth.

2. Starburst – Starburst candies are not only full of sugar, but they stick into the deep grooves of your teeth and in between your teeth. The longer sugar stays on your teeth, the longer bacteria will be able to convert the sugar into acid which will cause cavities.

1. Tootsie Pops – For the same reason as Jawbreakers, tootsie pops and lollipops take a long time to dissolve which creates an acidic environment in your mouth. What makes these even worse than Jawbreakers is that they also have a tootsie roll in the center, which ends up getting stuck in your teeth as well.

Halloween Candy Box

If you or your children are trick-or-treating this Halloween, please consider donating your left-over candy to our Candy Buy Back program. Just come in to our office between November 2nd-6th to drop off your candy, and you will be entered into a raffle for a Free Whitening Kit! All of the donations will be sent to US troops stationed all over the world through Operation Gratitude.

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