Use of Lasers in Dental Care

Dental Lasers

After the innovation of laser technology, its use has been intensified in the healthcare industry and has become a vital tool in dental care or dentistry. They are widely being used across the North America and Europe as they are safe and are quite effective in addressing many dental treatment issues. Lasers can help in a wide range of dental procedures and treatments They are often used in conjunction used with other more traditional dental instruments.

How lasers are being used in dentistry?

Dental lasers are being used to:

  • Enhance teeth whitening process.
  • Help treat infections in root canals.
  • Help expose incomplete wisdom tooth eruption.
  • Remove muscle attachments that restrict movements.
  • Manage gum tissues during crown lengthening, crown placement or other procedures.
  • Aid in the treatment of gum diseases.
  • Perform dental biopsy procedures.
  • Reshape or remove gum and bone tissues during crown lengthening procedures.
  • Reduce pain and cold sores.

What are the benefits of using dental lasers?

Dental lasers are becoming the must-have tool for dentists. They have numerous advantages for the patients as well as the dentists and makes many dental procedures much more convenient than ever before. With this innovation, surgeries and dental operations can be more precise and less painful for the patients. The healing time in particular is reduced, and lasers are much more effective at controlling bleeding during surgery.

Are dental lasers safe?

If the dental laser is being used by trained practitioners, then it is as safe as other dental instruments. Your dentist will ask you to wear protective eyeglasses as precaution to protect your eyes.

How will I know if my dentist is a trained dental laser practitioner?

Be sure to ask questions of your dentist about his/her expertise in dental laser use. Make sure that he/she has adequate laser training and education and is a certified laser practitioner. The Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) and many dental colleges and dental association offer laser education. Ask your dentist about any certification in laser dentistry from such dental institutes.

How will I know if a dental laser is an option for my treatment?

Your dentist is the only guide. Ask your dentist. By looking at your oral condition, your dentist will advise you of which dental treatments will provide the best results or best chances of success. Dental lasers are a useful instrument, but they are not appropriate for every dental procedure.

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