At Home vs. Professional Teeth Whitening


It sounds wise to schedule an appointment with a dental expert to get teeth whitening done via safe hands. This way, you get a chance to learn about the condition of the teeth after a thorough examination.

The dentist can also recommend a treatment for whitening. However, many people prefer to avoid the hassle and instead buy a whitening kit to achieve the desired outcome while sitting at home. They can purchase various whitening solutions or kits online or in pharmaceutical stores.

Seeing a dental expert for the procedure costs around $450, while dentist-dispensed kits are available at $100 to $350. Both ways guarantee pearly white teeth after a few sessions, which enhance a smile. Teeth whitening is a quick way to brighten teeth and to make the smile attractive.

In some methods, a bleaching agent can be helpful in removing discoloration of the teeth that occurs due to deep stains. There are non-bleaching products also available to ward off stains from the surface only. Teeth whitening treatment is solely based on how soon you want the results and the amount you want to spend.

Professional teeth whitening

Professional treatment to whiten teeth is a good idea, more so when someone wants intensive whitening in a short time span. A patient should schedule an appointment with their dentist, and they will leave the dentist office with a bright smile.

The professional whitening involves bleaching agents with high strength. The dental expert can apply them to the teeth safely. This procedure also requires a high dose of hydrogen peroxide using light or laser, depending on the discoloration of the teeth.

This can be a quick and safe option to get drastic results. Dental experts may also use a few desensitizing products to prevent tooth sensitivity.

Whitening process at home

Solutions and gels that come with home kits contain low doses of bleaching agent. So, opting for them to achieve sparkly teeth might take a little longer than professional treatment. If you do not need to see immediate results, teeth whitening procedures at home can do wonders.

Following are common ways to get it done at home:

Whitening strips

These strips contain less hydrogen peroxide. It takes up to a week to brighten teeth using whitening strips.

Whitening gels

You can apply gel onto teeth like regular toothpaste. With the minimum content of hydrogen peroxide, gels can take a few days to show progress. Its result can last for a whopping 30 days.

Whitening toothpaste

Toothpaste containing a whitening formula or polishing agents is safe to lighten minor stains. Be sure to purchase one with the ADA seal of approval.

Customized home kit

Dentist can customize trays filled with bleaching gel to whiten teeth. You need to wear it either overnight or for two hours during the day.

What is the bottom line?

Teeth whitening treatments can lead to a desired outcome of whiter teeth. It depends on you to choose an option to get started.

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